We believe in people's desire to build a sustainable world, where companies are the driving force of change. Sustainable development is integrated into our value chain and we offer products and solutions that meet customers' quality expectations and contribute to improving their performance.

We have set long-term goals and the actions necessary to achieve them. We regularly measure our performance with sustainable development KPIs.

TMT's ethical guidelines and operational guidelines (Code of Ethics ja Code of Conduct) serve as a basis for cooperation with our stakeholders.

With the help of our technical know-how and expertise, we want to offer our customers the most sustainable products, services and solutions. Our employees offer specialized expertise and support to our customers in choosing the best product or application. By helping our customers find optimal technical solutions, we help make society more sustainable.

We minimize waste and see all waste as a resource. As part of our sustainable development strategy, we want to reduce our waste as much as possible.

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