TMA crash absorbers

Safe protection from collisions - TMA crash absorbers now available! 


Are you looking for a reliable solution to improve your traffic safety? From TMT. Malinen Baltic you can now get everything you need for safe traffic. Verdegro's truck and trailer mounted TMA crash absorbers have arrived in our selection!

Extensively tested TMA crash absorbers guarantee safety on construction sites and during road closures. Thanks to the high-quality aluminum construction and hot-dip galvanized steel mounting system, TMAs offer durability and reliability, as well as protection from traffic in the construction area. In our selection, you can find the TMA-US 100K truck mounted attenuator, the TTMA-US 100K trailer truck mounted attenuator and the TMA-EU 70K. The crash absorbers are easy to use and vibration tested.

In our selection you can also find the LLTT-H led light tower trailer hybrid and the VD-SL250 arrow board. The LLTT-H light tower works with both solar power and a 24V DC generator, so it is the perfect option for around the clock use. The light tower can also be easily moved from one place to another. The VD-SL250 arrow board that can be connected to the TMA has left and right arrow lights as well as an x-arrow light, a reversible arrow sign and additional lights in the corners. Controlling the TMA and the arrow board can be done with one controller.

Whether it is a road block during traffic accidents or for a road construction site, the TMA crash absorber is the perfect solution to increase safety. Contact our sellers and get the crash absorbers now!

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